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BOP Test Joints
With the ever increasing cost associated with drilling in deep water, every dollar saved adds up quick. The NuTec Sub Sea BOP Test Joints provide the SAFEST and MOST EFFICIENT manner by which to test a sub sea BOP. By utilizing NuTec tools when performing your BOP tests, YOU COULD SAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in lost productive time and maintenance over a very short period of time.

These are a few of our Sub Sea BOP Test Joints and a brief description of each. Please contact our office for more specific information about how we can help you save money on you next BOP Test.

The Circulator Sub Sea BOP Test Joint is a 'non-stroking' tool and allows the testing of the BOP against one (1) OD size pipe, i.e. 3 1/2" , 4", 5", 7 5/8" and so on. The 'Circulator' size is determined by the DP size(s) being used in the current drilling program.

The Universal Sub Sea BOP Test Joint is utilized when a tapered string is being used and the BOP must be tested against more than one DP size. The 'Universal' allows the sub sea BOP to be tested to two different DP sizes, in one run without having to trip pipe to test the second pipe size.

The Stack Specific Sub Sea BOP Test Joint is also utilized to test the BOP against multiple DP sizes and also eliminates the need to trip pipe to the secondary size(s). The 'SSTJ' is custom built to suit the customers testing requirements and can be configured to accommodate the testing of two (2) or more DP sizes in one (1) trip. An example would be when a tapered string of 5" and 5 7/8" DP is being used. The 'SSTJ' would be provided to test the entire BOP against both DP sizes without having to trip pipe to test the secondary pipe size(s).

The Stack Specific Circulator Sub Sea BOP Test Joint is used when there are one (1) or two (2) fixed rams of different sizes in the stack and the annulars are not required to be tested to both sizes. An example would be the MPR is a fixed 7 5/8" casing ram and the DP being used is 4 1/2". The 'SSCTJ' would allow the user to test the casing ram against 7 5/8" and the rest of the BOP against 4 1/2" in the same run in the hole. Two trips are not required to test both sizes.


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