We hope the first week of the new year went well for everyone! Happy “Nu” Year!

These past two years have been a trying time and a reflection point. The pandemic led to a tough time on all aspects of life but regarding NuTec, regulations on businesses and a slower economy and in addition to several hurricanes hitting the southeast meant rebuilding. However, through all that adversity, we are so happy that many of our customers have stood with us throughout the past 2 years. We have remained determined and learned many lessons along the way only to grow stronger as a company. During the past two years we have started to revamp NuTec, creating a new website and a plan to communicate more efficiently with our customers but we are not stopping there! We know that 2022 will be a turning point for NuTec and our customers, so we are working hard to ensure faster communication with clients, continuously updating our online presence, and aiming for quicker turnaround times on projects. Just in the past month, in-order to achieve this goal, we have been fortunate enough to expand our workforce while so many have had to decrease theirs. We are excited to continue to serve our customers in 2022 and hope everyone has a fruitful year.

“Nu” Year, “Nu” You, “Nu” Us!

Thank you and HAPPY “NU” YEAR!
The NuTec Team