We plan to use this news page and social media to inform customers about relevant information such as: new machines, new rental products, promotions, etc.

Hello NuTec community! Be on the lookout for new posts on our news page and social media! We plan to utilize the news page in-addition to social media in-order to better inform you on topics such as new machines, new rentals, operating times, promotions, company conditions during events such as hurricanes, and so forth.

As a team we realized that in addition to 24/7 customer service, a news page accompanied with a thoughtful social media presence is the most efficient way to communicate with customers and keep everyone informed on important information as it occurs. Our initial social media sites to be utilized will be LinkedIn and Twitter due to their sites being designed for efficient business communication.

Please follow-us on those pages to stay informed on important company information and just connect in general! The links to those social sites are at the bottom of the website page, just click the logo!